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Real Wood Blinds

Choosing between the traditional, classic look of natural wood blinds and the appeal of faux wood blinds is not an easy choice. Wood blinds are popular in classic and contemporary homes due to their simple lines and neutral tones. They are easily customized to fit any décor. Whether you prefer a lighter or darker shade, the blinds will become a focal point of any room.

Each slat of real wood has its own unique wood grain pattern, real wood blinds have an overall inconsistent — or some would say “natural” — texture and finish. This makes real wood blinds blend more seamlessly with the wood and organic elements of a room. It is also why real wood, in contrast to faux wood, has a slightly more elegant feel. Despite being less sturdy and weatherproof, real wood blinds have a natural richness that is difficult for faux wood to replicate.

Easier Operation and Better Insulation

Real wood blinds for windows weigh less than their faux counterparts and are therefore easier to operate. This makes wood blinds somewhat a better option for sliding doors or large windows. Even though real wood blinds may increase your budget by a bit, your blinds will truly stand out.

Wood Blinds also help insulate your home and offer efficiency by absorbing heat and cold. Because of the wood material, real wood blinds can take in more heat and cold than faux wood ones. They can therefore provide better insulation to keep your home or space more comfortable.

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The good news is that our custom wood blinds, whether faux or real, will look beautiful in your home. They have a warmth that will give your home’s interior a traditional feel. Traditional styling and rich hardwood will complement the lines of any room in your Athens area home. Our wood blinds are available in a variety of colors and slat sizes. From white to a dark stain, they are custom-made just for your home. Blinds offer the function to be raised and lowered, opened, and shut. Want to make your life simple, we also offer a wide selection of motorized blinds.

Contact us today to schedule an in-home expert consultation. All of our products are selected, custom cut, and professionally installed to meet your unique needs for your home in Athens, Watkinsville, or the surrounding area.

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