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Woven Wood Shades

Learn more about reasons to consider woven wood blinds for your home.

Woven Wood Shades For Windows

Although not as common as traditional blinds or shades, woven wood shades are a great option for people who want their windows to have a more natural and rustic look.

Woven wood shades are made from a variety of materials, including wood, reed, and bamboo, that are woven together into a fabric. This gives each shade a unique warmth that can help dress up even the most boring window. Because the materials are natural, no two shades will look the same. Additionally, woven wood shades are available in a variety of textures and colors, which makes them easy to coordinate with any decor.

Benefits of Woven Wood Shades

Add Warmth

Wood has a way of warming up a place like no other material can. With woven wood shades, you can bring the warmth and comfort of natural wood into your home's interior design. Although woven wood shades are most often paired with Scandinavian and coastal-inspired interiors, they are actually very versatile and can go well with a range of designs. Whether you are going for a traditional or modern look, woven wood shades are simply a great neutral option that will texture well with any design and add warmth and character to a space.

Easy To Clean And Maintain

Woven wood shades are not just simple to maintain, they are also simple to clean. This means you will not have to slave away to clean them and can spend your time doing other things. Lightly dusting them with a feather duster once or twice a week is enough. You can use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment for a more thorough clean.

Right Amount Of Light

The light-filtering effect of woven wood is quite unique and is one of the selling points of woven wood shades for windows. They create a soft sense of privacy while allowing just enough light through to brighten up your living room, office, or bedroom. Moreover, you can choose the right weave and material thickness to customize how much light you want to filter into a space. Whether you want a ton of natural light when the shades are closed or want total darkness to enjoy a movie, it is all possible with woven wood shades.

Great Insulation

To be sure, wood is not the best material for insulation, but it can be relied upon to do well. Besides being a natural material, woven wood shades are very thick. They add an additional layer of protection to a window, making them a great option if you want to keep either the heat or cold out. In fact, the best bamboo shades can be as energy efficient as traditional blinds and drapes, if not more so depending on the material used.


Because they are made of natural materials, woven wood is an environmentally friendly window treatment option for many homeowners. In other words, apart from their style and function, woven wood and bamboo shades are also a sustainable accessory that will not harm the environment.

Excellent Choice

Woven wood and bamboo shades are a great window treatment option for many homeowners, especially for those looking for a natural, woodsy style that can add warmth and texture to a space. The best thing about woven wood and bamboo shades is that they’re versatile and can be used in any room of the house. Whether you’re looking for a rustic-inspired look or a more modern feel, both woven wood shades and bamboo shades are sure to add character and depth to your home.


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