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Pros And Cons: Natural vs. Faux Wood Blinds For Your Home

Natural vs faux wood blinds

It's time to make choices about your custom window treatments, and you've decided you want the look of wood inside your home. And what's not to love about a classic wood grain that goes with almost any interior design aesthetic? However, the question comes down to whether you should opt for faux wood blinds or pay the extra to install natural wood blinds in your home.

Faux wood has come a long way in recent years, making it much more realistic and attractive. Quality faux wood window treatments give natural wood a run for its money with a close replica of the real thing. But then you lose the value real wood adds to your home - so how do you decide?

Choosing Between Faux & Real Wood

With imitation wood looking so close to the real deal, does it even matter anymore? Or does the extra value of natural wood make it worth the extra investment?

Although the decision ultimately comes down to what you want, it still helps to know some of the benefits of each option.

  • Faux wood holds up better in humid spaces like bathrooms, where natural wood will warp, crack, or rot over time.
  • Real wood's beautiful natural patina cannot be denied or replicated, and each slat is one-of-a-kind due to the natural wood grain.
  • Faux wood is easier to clean and maintain, while real wood requires greater care to preserve its integrity.
  • Natural wood adds better insulating properties, which helps more with your home's energy efficiency, and that means lower heating and cooling bills.
  • Faux wood is more economical and budget-friendly, but real wood features add to the overall property value of your home.

Some homeowners use natural wood for specific rooms and faux wood for rooms that get humid, like kitchens, laundry rooms, mud rooms, and bathrooms. The goal is to work with your budget while making sure you end up liking what you ultimately choose.

Partner With The Pros

At Classic City Blinds, we want to help you choose the right window treatments for your home. Contact us to schedule your in-home consultation, and let's review your multiple options, including wood or faux wood blinds.

Your satisfaction is our guarantee, and we're eager to give you the red-carpet treatment. Please give us a call today to discuss the possibilities for custom window treatments for your home in Athens.

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