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What Makes Honeycomb Shades The Hardest Working Window Treatments

Hardest working window treatments

Choosing just the right custom window treatments for your home isn't just about selecting what looks attractive with your living room couch, although that's important too. Savvy homeowners realize the value of making decisions about features of their homes that also add other benefits.

Believe it or not, the right window coverings can actually help you with details like better energy efficiency, especially an option like honeycomb shades. Also referred to as cellular shades, honeycomb shades by design are working hard for you every day through all four seasons, making them a top contender for greener households.

How Cellular Shades Work

Cellular shades are made from one continuous piece of fabric that usually folds up, but some designs roll up. The name comes from the honeycomb-shaped air pockets or cells that are part of the design. It's these pockets of air that help enhance the insulation capabilities, making your home more energy efficient.

  • Customizing your honeycomb shades is about choosing options that enhance the insulating properties, appearance, and other details or functionalities:
  • Cell Shape - Choose from options like D shape to determine how much insulation there will be between your window and your room's ambient temperature.
  • Single Cell vs. Double Cell - Obviously, the double cell is better for insulation, but you may not need that much.
  • Size of Pleats - Pleat sizes often vary based on the brand, but as a general rule of thumb, the larger the glass area being covered, the bugger the pleats.
  • Opacities - Many homeowners prefer the soft diffused light standard honeycomb shades allowed to pass through, but you can choose sheer, semi-sheer, semi-opaque, or opaque, with opaque being the choice for blackout preferences.

Cellular shades may be the most suitable choice if you'd like window treatments that work for you to make your home more energy efficient, lower your heating and cooling costs, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Choose The Company That Cares

If you want to successfully choose the best window treatments for your home, it starts by picking the right company. At Classic City Blinds, your satisfaction is our top priority.

We'll work with you to ensure that you understand the options available. Call us, and we'll bring our mobile showroom to you for an in-home consultation; what a better way to see how our custom work will look in your home! Give us a call in Athens, and let's discuss custom window treatments, like cellular shades for your home.

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