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Honeycomb Window Shades

Learn more about honeycomb shades for your home.

Honeycomb shades have gained a lot of popularity in recent years due to their great insulation and light-filtering abilities. Their ingenious cellular design uses trapped air as an insulator to either warm or cool your space. They can also be customized to give you complete control over the amount of light entering a room.

Honeycomb shades are a new variation on the classic design of the standard blinds. They can help you control the amount of light that enters in through your windows and provide added insulation against cold or hot weather outdoors. There are both pros and cons to this new type of shade. So if you’re thinking of giving your window the honeycomb treatment, be sure to read through this quick guide first!

Benefits of Honeycomb Shades

Energy Efficiency

As we mentioned above, honeycomb shades, because of their accordion design, are preferred for their insulating abilities. The result is that less heat enters during the summer and more heat is trapped during the winter, which translates to a significantly reduced energy bill. Honeycomb window shades are the best when it comes to insulation, and energy efficiency is a top priority.


The Classic Honeycomb shades can last up to 10 times longer than regular shades because they are made with special polyester fabrics. Honeycomb shades are popular for their modern and unique appearance, but they are also built to last. Their durability makes them a smart and economical choice for your home.

Light Control

Honeycomb shades are also known for their ability to control the amount of light entering a room. You can have them in a range of materials, from semi-opaque light-filtering fabrics to thick, light-blocking ones. If complete darkness is your goal you can go for outside-mounted blackout honeycomb shades made from a light-blocking material. You can even get honeycomb shades with a top-down and bottom-up feature that allows you to either lift the shade from the bottom or lower it from the top to personalize both your privacy and the amount of light entering the room. With honeycomb shades, the light control options are endless!

Clean and Simple Design

Unlike other window treatments, honeycomb shades can be stacked to be nearly invisible, or tucked behind a valance, which makes them perfect for when you want unobstructed views from your window. Even when fully lowered, they retain a slim profile that blends in seamlessly with the surrounding. This makes them great if you do not want your window treatment to draw attention away from other design elements in your room.


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